Tips for Designing a Website Layout

It’s a creative job to design the layout for a website. Put yourself in the shoes of an artist and you will feel like you are going to create a masterpiece of your own. An artist wishes to strike the soul of the audience with his creation, and same goes true for a web designer.

We are giving some tips here for stunning web layout design which will force the visitors to return on the site and appreciate your work:

Captivating the Audience through Homepage:

Homepage is your starting point and logo is the first thing visitors put their eyes on. So, keep your focus on logo design because it carries the brand name and a solid logo design will capture the attention of the visitor and make it recognizable. Features of your product should rest at the center of the Homepage.

Don’t go with Excessive Multimedia:

As a web layout designer your job is to keep your client satisfied with your work. If you will put a lot of multimedia things like flash, graphics and other fancy scripts then it will highly affect the downloading speed of the site and users with slow connection won’t prefer it.

Keep Content Short but Effective:

No one reads long paragraphs till the end so keep them short and better if you put some effective punch lines in between; like Call to Action, some Quotes and other such stuff. And don’t forget Font size here; alter font size logically for better impression.

One Consistent Theme:

Yes, you can use different themes on a single website but it will divert visitors’ attention. So, it’s better to keep the same theme throughout the website. It looks more professional and clean.

Screen Resolution:

As a layout designer, it’s your job to see if your layout is flexible and can fit in any screen resolution and size. If your layout isn’t responsive then you won’t be able showcase your work before small screen users.

Colors and Contrasts:

Colors and contrasts are very important for an aesthetic website layout. With creative color and contrast combination you can highlight the important elements of the website and visitors’ eyes first grab that element while browsing the website.

All these factors have significance in designing website layout and it doesn’t mean that these layout designs come for high prices only. As a website owner, you can guide your designer and get a cheap web design as well.

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