Thinking About Surrogacy? Read This First

Surrogacy is the process when couples or a single parent, who naturally can’t have a baby, ask for help to a surrogate mother to carry a pregnancy. It’s an approved method of medicine from the late 80s. Keep in mind that, there is two type of surrogacy – Traditional and Gestational. Today we will share with you more surprising facts about surrogacy.

Budget – You may have to spend more than doctor’s think

First of all, if a couple decides to ask surrogacy clinic for help, they will have few options to offer. Intended parents should be ready for spending few more thousands of dollars after the fixed price because there could be unexpected issues.

When you see the doctor, try to listen carefully and keep all his tips in mind. The budget of surrogacy mostly depends on the type of surrogacy itself. Yes, there few factors involved in that process (for example: choosing an experienced lawyer, surrogate mother, surrogacy clinic, agency or psychologist), but it mostly depends on the specific type of surrogacy.

Surrogacy is still a new word in modern medicine.

Keep in mind that people may have weird faces while talking about surrogacy. Most of the countries around the globe restrict surrogacy and even concluding contracts with other women to carry a pregnancy. That’s why most of 7 billion people don’t know anything about surrogacy. Celebrities who used surrogacy for having a baby were mostly criticized. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized because of his decision. That was back in 2010, and as it seems, today you won’t get negative reactions.

There are few surrogacy communities where you can join like-minded people and share your emotions. Keep in mind that there will be an emotional roller-coaster and you will need to share your feelings with others.

You should hire an experienced lawyer.

An attorney who has experience in surrogacy and knows this industry is worth hiring. No matter what’s the fee for service, you must hire the best lawyer to make everything legit. Without a contract, you may stay without rights on the surrogate child.

Experience lawyer will create the best contract for you. Contract means that you won’t have further headaches. You may wonder why is law so strict. To be clear, we have a very strange situation when one woman carry a baby of another couple. From the standpoint of law, first, we have to understand who has rights on baby, who will be legal parents, etc. That’s why you need a good lawyer.

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