Think Lockers, Choose Compactus

Compactus has revolutionized the market of shelving products, as more cargo containers are remodeled to provide modern and effective utilities. The growing sales of such safes is proof of its popularity.

A closet of this nature was bound to have developed variants which would surpass its initial functions, evolving into a multi-featured unit.

Hand Operated
Ideally built for corporate use, the hand operated Compactus is the most useful storage unit for your workplace. This is due to 2 factors majorly; space and longevity.

The hand operated model uses manual operation due to its core mechanical built. Large volumes of paperwork and official items that need to be secured, can have enough space and safety inside these lockers.

Intelligent designing allows it to take up minimum ground area as there are no loose sub-units attached to it. Good quality of raw materials used in its making is reflected positively as you will watch it have more permanence than other cabinets in your office space.

Medium Mobile Shelving
When it comes to installing storage units for medium load, its portability and the ease of handling should always be kept in mind. Mobile shelving Compactus is packed with definitive designs and caters to careful space management for your goods.

These lockers are manufactured in both, the manual and the automated models. Ideal for personal cabins and home offices, special panels and extra utility units are installed in it which suit the buyer’s use.

In the automated models, the safes can be partially operated remotely which is pretty slick if you have a technical styling preference. Electric panels are preinstalled in these unit designs and are fitted with basic operational connections, and can also be configured to the buyer’s choice of operation.

Use in Electricals

Extended use of Compactus, can be seen in junction boxes which are installed for handling power systems for a house or workplace. Engineered to meet the safety protocols of power distribution, these Compactus models serve as protective units for MCB’s and other electrical peripherals.

They have superior insulating qualities than its counterparts, and they organize the entire wiring junctions to give a neat layered appeal to the arrangement.

Commercial divergence

Compactus models are spotted as containers in many commercial areas. From heavy duty shipping containers, to compact storage units in high profile organizations, these lockers are designed with a multitude of storage options.

Smart designing, sturdy structure and neat appearances all make for the driving factor behind the success of Compactus in the commercial sectors.

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