The Review Of The Pros And Cons Of Click Funnels

You may have heard of the click funnels as it has revolutionized the online marketing strategies. There have been many click funnel review dealing with the different aspects of click funnels but this click funnel review is dealing the pros and cons of the click funnels.

The Pros of Click Funnels

The click funnels are envisioned to save both energy and time and is also improving the technological proficiency along with the third party applications. The following are some of the pros of the click funnels.

  1. Click Funnels are for making Money: The biggest advantage of the click funnels is that it enables businesses to have abundant money through sales. This is an easy way to put the content and visual images and help you to get instant payments.
  2. Drop and Drag Builder: There are few of the features which are very useful as it is very easy to duplicate the pages and in fact the templates can be saved anytime. The page builder is amazing and is very important feature of the click funnels.
  3. The A/B Testing: There is a built-in A/B testing which is dedicated for making the duplicate pages and also used for making any required changes. You are also allowed to choose the extent of the traffic which you want to see on the version A or B.
  4. Selection of the Integrations: The click funnels are capable of integrating the API integrations very well and the auto-responders of the email along with the payment processors are amazing to use.
  5. The Plugin of WordPress: The plugin of the WordPress is very handy to use as you can add the pages of the click funnels in to the WordPress websites. The plugin is capable to save abundant time and helps to work in a hassle free environment.
  6. It is all in one Platform: The platform of the click funnel is centralized and it is very great to have all things at one place. The click funnel is best for saving money and time.

The Cons of the Click Funnels

The following are the major cons of the click funnels.

  1. Overpriced Platform: The greatest con of the click funnel is that it is overpriced to some extent. There are only two categories for the pricing. One category is $97 for each month and the other is $297 each month. Both versions are differing on the basis of features.

2.The Customer Service is Dull: One of the major drawbacks of the click funnels is that it has a dull customer service. Yes, you read it right, the customer service of the click funnels is not to the extent at which it must be. The customer service must need to be more advanced and must be helpful to the users.

  1. Bugs and Software Outages: The click funnels sometimes go on experiencing few bugs and outages which is unbearable sometimes as the business needs to go on and the conversion rate may get down because of the outages and bugs.

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