Organic vs. Paid Traffic: Everything You Need To Know

In the last days, was a mystery on forums about organic vs paid traffic, which one is the best for e-commerce? Sales are mostly generated by people with the direct intention of buying and nothing else, organic or paid isn’t a big difference. Organic isn’t always free traffic, getting constant organic traffic is one of the hardest things about online marketing.

The ranking isn’t always going up as planned and spending huge amounts of money on SEO services won’t always be a great investment. Same with paid, figure it out first, test things in order to understand what kind of traffic converts. Mostly convert from paid traffic due to attracting attention and making that person to really want something. Different types of advertisement like display ads, video ads, solo ads, etc. testing can ensure the best solution for an e-commerce business. Social traffic tends to convert less, organic traffic not the same, potential buyer is a returning visitor, and the chances for an order to come in the next minutes are when a visitor is revisiting.

No one is saying that organic is better, or paid traffic is better, every business owner thinks different, the success that comes with them is different, some have success, and some don’t. Doing what other bloggers write and spending way too much on SEO or paid advertisement, not always will be a good choice. Sales or conversion won’t happen only with traffic, factors like product description or website design can affect such actions.

Good case studies can be found online and inspired by them, mostly target big countries for bigger exposure, but sometimes small niches promoted to a small audience can bring more profit. Find a way to collect people information in order to send them later more offers or promo codes, this type of strategy can ensure some profit.

In conclusion, organic is always better, but time and money need it for investment. A good marketing strategy has to born before starting to invest in a business, this way chances for a profitable one are bigger and more confidence can be built along the way.

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