CBD Regulates THC – Why That Is Important

Scientific discoveries are ongoing in the bid to make life more abundant for each and everyone irrespective of color or race. The World Health Organization has been a rallying point for all countries of the world in a bid to ensure that we live above disease and live a life that is not slowed down by what we take in as food.

It has been discovered that the major cause of ailments and disease in the body can be attributed to the food we eat. If there is an understanding of the harmful effects of some of these foods on the body and steps are taken to control the intake of such foods; then some of the health challenges that we face today would not have arisen in the first instance.


Up till today, there is a question mark on the use of THC alone on its own according to medical science which can be corroborated from this link: https://greenbotanics.co.uk/. The use of it as a singular dose is prohibited worldwide. The ban on it is not without reasons backing it up. The issue has to do with the receptors that it is capable of triggering in the body which makes people high.

Increase In Crime Rate

Let us digress a little but still with the subject matter in full focus. The incidence of crime in the world is on the increase. The coming up of so many terrorist groups all over the world is a worrisome development to people of the world. These terrorist groups have caused a lot of harm to people. Lives and properties have been destroyed with reckless abandon.

These people only go into their acts of terrorism and massive destruction whenever they become high. They cannot become high unless they take substances such THC that makes them be high. That was the main reason why governments all over the world frowned at the singular use of THC in a bid to nip crime in the bud before it grows and develops into an issue that will disturb the civil process of life.

CBD And THC React Together

Going by the accounts from http://greenbotanics.co.uk/; it has been medically proved that the two can work together. There are some instances that have shown that they work together in the body rather than working separately. Let us take a look at the FAAH enzyme for instance.

The two work on this receptor. CBD is responsible for the activation of the reaction; it enables it to gain an advantage over the reactionary effects of THC on the receptor. The psychoactive properties of THC are therefore greatly reduced due to the fact that CBD has no psychoactive properties. That is the formula that enables the two to work together as a beneficial team in the body.

By taking that precaution, you will get all the medical benefits without unnecessarily getting high. However, to be on the side of the divide in the long run, and to get the full health benefits; it is strongly recommended that you stick to CBD oil alone.

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