Clean your MacBook with the MacKeeper

Are you worried about the constant virus threat to your Macbook? Are you fed up with seeing that annoying message or the reminder to free up some of your hard disk space to install the latest updates? Well, here is the one solution to your many problems – MacKeeper.


  • Cleaning Tool – cleaning up the hard disk to make some room for the installation of the updates can be a tedious task but MacKeeper easily solves the problem for you. It’s cleaning feature free up more than 20GB. Go to the one-click scan feature. This is will go through all your files and folders and discover the poor quality photograph or the unwanted documents etc. But this cleaning up task might take some time so just have some patience to let the software do its job.
  • Data Encrypter – As the name suggests, this feature helps the data to be secured with a password and encrypt it to secure it from any phishing attack.
  • Duplicates finder – There is always a chance of creation of duplicate copies which consumes the precious hard disk memory and create problems for you later but this feature helps you to find the duplicates stored in different parts of the hard disk and delete it in one go.
  • Cache cleaner – Caching is basically the stored website data which you do not need after you are done with the website in question but often we do not clear this cached data. This feature does it for us. It clears out the cached and frees up space.
  • Binaries Cutter – Most Macs are programmed with the binaries of each app installed or in other words, there are two versions of the same app installed in each Mac – one for the older version and the other one for the latest version. This feature will remove the version of the app you do not need anymore and make the space clutter-free.

So if you are fed up of constantly cleaning up your system, then just install this software and leave the cleaning job to it!