The Review Of The Pros And Cons Of Click Funnels

You may have heard of the click funnels as it has revolutionized the online marketing strategies. There have been many click funnel review dealing with the different aspects of click funnels but this click funnel review is dealing the pros and cons of the click funnels.

The Pros of Click Funnels

The click funnels are envisioned to save both energy and time and is also improving the technological proficiency along with the third party applications. The following are some of the pros of the click funnels.

  1. Click Funnels are for making Money: The biggest advantage of the click funnels is that it enables businesses to have abundant money through sales. This is an easy way to put the content and visual images and help you to get instant payments.
  2. Drop and Drag Builder: There are few of the features which are very useful as it is very easy to duplicate the pages and in fact the templates can be saved anytime. The page builder is amazing and is very important feature of the click funnels.
  3. The A/B Testing: There is a built-in A/B testing which is dedicated for making the duplicate pages and also used for making any required changes. You are also allowed to choose the extent of the traffic which you want to see on the version A or B.
  4. Selection of the Integrations: The click funnels are capable of integrating the API integrations very well and the auto-responders of the email along with the payment processors are amazing to use.
  5. The Plugin of WordPress: The plugin of the WordPress is very handy to use as you can add the pages of the click funnels in to the WordPress websites. The plugin is capable to save abundant time and helps to work in a hassle free environment.
  6. It is all in one Platform: The platform of the click funnel is centralized and it is very great to have all things at one place. The click funnel is best for saving money and time.

The Cons of the Click Funnels

The following are the major cons of the click funnels.

  1. Overpriced Platform: The greatest con of the click funnel is that it is overpriced to some extent. There are only two categories for the pricing. One category is $97 for each month and the other is $297 each month. Both versions are differing on the basis of features.

2.The Customer Service is Dull: One of the major drawbacks of the click funnels is that it has a dull customer service. Yes, you read it right, the customer service of the click funnels is not to the extent at which it must be. The customer service must need to be more advanced and must be helpful to the users.

  1. Bugs and Software Outages: The click funnels sometimes go on experiencing few bugs and outages which is unbearable sometimes as the business needs to go on and the conversion rate may get down because of the outages and bugs.

Buying Instagram Followers? Think Again!

There have been a lot of posts about where to buy Instagram followers all over the internet. But before making a decision think if it is really necessary. Here are some of my opinions.

Is it a legit process?

Every people who buy the packages from the company feels that this activity may be illegal. It’s funny when people don’t read the policies and are ready to get followers but are worried about the legality of buying followers on Instagram. Many people seem to be worried that if they buy Instagram likes they have a risk of getting their account closed. It is completely a legal activity. It doesn’t go against any of the Instagram policies. Instagram never inspects automatically or manually on any profile. There are Instagram algorithms to detect the suspicious activities done by the Instagrammer. They are used to detect sudden incrementation of your followers’ count, comments, likes on your posts. Making a good conversation with the service provider about the slow increment of the follower’s count is a good way to get escape from the Instagram team.

Is it worth buying Instagram Followers?

It is always worthy to buy anything that helps in our activities, but what if they are not useful in any case? Do you even dare to buy fake followers and bots? No! It cannot be considered to be a good idea to get followers this way. What you get is fake profiles and bots, because they won’t even interact with your posts. It won’t like or comment on your posts. This looks like a profile that has thousands of profiles with two-digit likes and single digit comments. If they have no idea as to how good your posts are and you never know the feedback, it doesn’t attract the profiles you want. And your posts will not appear as suggestions when the audience uses their profile. When you have many followers, your profile is more likely to be followed but there is no guarantee of it. So, think again. If you are paying for followers, you need to get the best kind. You’re paying for numbers that can’t be valued. So, it is better to make the choice of working hard.

Instead of buying Instagram followers, start focusing on building relationships with the real audience, work on creative posts. The people who really follow you will start helping you by sharing your posts and interacting without asking for money. With these, you can get an advantage of marketing and branding of other products like getting deals from other business Instagrammers to advertise their products and getting paid. You can improve your content with the real audience.

Organic vs. Paid Traffic: Everything You Need To Know

In the last days, was a mystery on forums about organic vs paid traffic, which one is the best for e-commerce? Sales are mostly generated by people with the direct intention of buying and nothing else, organic or paid isn’t a big difference. Organic isn’t always free traffic, getting constant organic traffic is one of the hardest things about online marketing.

The ranking isn’t always going up as planned and spending huge amounts of money on SEO services won’t always be a great investment. Same with paid, figure it out first, test things in order to understand what kind of traffic converts. Mostly convert from paid traffic due to attracting attention and making that person to really want something. Different types of advertisement like display ads, video ads, solo ads, etc. testing can ensure the best solution for an e-commerce business. Social traffic tends to convert less, organic traffic not the same, potential buyer is a returning visitor, and the chances for an order to come in the next minutes are when a visitor is revisiting.

No one is saying that organic is better, or paid traffic is better, every business owner thinks different, the success that comes with them is different, some have success, and some don’t. Doing what other bloggers write and spending way too much on SEO or paid advertisement, not always will be a good choice. Sales or conversion won’t happen only with traffic, factors like product description or website design can affect such actions.

Good case studies can be found online and inspired by them, mostly target big countries for bigger exposure, but sometimes small niches promoted to a small audience can bring more profit. Find a way to collect people information in order to send them later more offers or promo codes, this type of strategy can ensure some profit.

In conclusion, organic is always better, but time and money need it for investment. A good marketing strategy has to born before starting to invest in a business, this way chances for a profitable one are bigger and more confidence can be built along the way.

Tips for Designing a Website Layout

It’s a creative job to design the layout for a website. Put yourself in the shoes of an artist and you will feel like you are going to create a masterpiece of your own. An artist wishes to strike the soul of the audience with his creation, and same goes true for a web designer.

We are giving some tips here for stunning web layout design which will force the visitors to return on the site and appreciate your work:

Captivating the Audience through Homepage:

Homepage is your starting point and logo is the first thing visitors put their eyes on. So, keep your focus on logo design because it carries the brand name and a solid logo design will capture the attention of the visitor and make it recognizable. Features of your product should rest at the center of the Homepage.

Don’t go with Excessive Multimedia:

As a web layout designer your job is to keep your client satisfied with your work. If you will put a lot of multimedia things like flash, graphics and other fancy scripts then it will highly affect the downloading speed of the site and users with slow connection won’t prefer it.

Keep Content Short but Effective:

No one reads long paragraphs till the end so keep them short and better if you put some effective punch lines in between; like Call to Action, some Quotes and other such stuff. And don’t forget Font size here; alter font size logically for better impression.

One Consistent Theme:

Yes, you can use different themes on a single website but it will divert visitors’ attention. So, it’s better to keep the same theme throughout the website. It looks more professional and clean.

Screen Resolution:

As a layout designer, it’s your job to see if your layout is flexible and can fit in any screen resolution and size. If your layout isn’t responsive then you won’t be able showcase your work before small screen users.

Colors and Contrasts:

Colors and contrasts are very important for an aesthetic website layout. With creative color and contrast combination you can highlight the important elements of the website and visitors’ eyes first grab that element while browsing the website.

All these factors have significance in designing website layout and it doesn’t mean that these layout designs come for high prices only. As a website owner, you can guide your designer and get a cheap web design as well.

Factors When Assessing The Best SMM Panel For Your YouTube Account

There are many providers of SMM panel being offered on YouTube, they will all claim they are the best in industry, unfortunately, not all of them can provide you exactly what you are looking for. Just to make the selection process easier for you, you can use the factors below when assessing the best SMM panel available in the market today.

YouTube has been around in the industry for so long, and to that its reputation has never been questioned. So, to someone using it to earn they need to get the right panel especially that there are a lot of people using the same site to market their business.

To know whether you are using the right panel for your YouTube account, consider the following.

Factors When Assessing The Best SMM Panel

First off, it is a must that you take your time before you actually purchase packages from SMM panel providers. They will all claim they are the best of course, as it is part of their marketing strategy. So, it is best that when choosing, you consider the following important criteria:

  • Check on their support

Assess their customer support team wisely. When assessing, you can:

  • Drop them an email and see how fast they will reply. A message of simple hello and a one liner question is enough, If they respond fast, that means they value their customers and their inquiries a lot
  • Give them a call. They sure posted their number on their website, give them a ring and see how fast they will pick up your call. The shorter time you waited on queue only means they have enough support specialists to attend to calls. Calling them will also give you an idea how knowledgeable their customer support team in terms of the panels they offer

Also, consider the time availability of their customer service support. It is best if they are available to render service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Check on available payment options

Considering their payment options is a must. You would never want to risk inputting your credit or debit card information and end up getting hacked. You may also want to check on their website’s SSL, this is actually one of the most usual things people ignore. Little you know, you may be in huge trouble if you take chance on websites with address http://, consider https://.

Needless to say, it is a must, may it be for your SMM panel or other products or services online, you have to check on the website and company’s authenticity before you input personal information. You always have to be careful especially that there are a lot of hacking happening over the internet. Yet, as long as you are doing business with a reputable company, there is nothing to worry about security.

  • Check on their packages

Check on the packages they offer and the services they supply. Are their packages enough the rate? Or is it expensive? Needless to say, you have to focus on the company’s ability to provide you high quality likes, views, followers etc.

Their packages should be able to help you succeed and achieve your goals and not the other way around.

It is always necessary that you assess the SMM panel provider where you plan to get the service first before you sign up an agreement with them. Any money invested should help your business succeed, nothing else.