Best WrestleMania Fights In History

In the previous part of these series, we covered two exciting fights in the history of WrestleMania. As the statistics show, the number of fans is growing every year. WrestleMania became a cult event for Americans, and WWE tries to bring the show outside the United States too. You will hear this phrase about WWE – “It’s all about the show.” If you are a newbie, then do not concentrate on this phrase because everything involves elements of the show: NBA, Tennis, Footballs, etc.

WWE is about not only the show and the business; it is a life. Fighters, Workers of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, referees, fans – it is a lovely community. Wrestling, in general, is a very interesting sport and making it available for masses, makes it more addictive. WrestleMania is the king show, and all the fights are exciting. In this article, we would cover few most interesting fights of Pro Wrestling.

Undertaker V Edge

On wrestling forum, most of the users say that Undertaker is the biggest fighter in the history of Pro Wrestling. There is still debate about it, and people come up with different ideas. The Rock Fans think that Dwayne is the biggest fighter; some think that John Cena is bigger than both are. It is all about the taste in Wrestling and styles of fighting.
Undertaker was at the top of the world, he had a high winning rate, and everyone was waiting for this fight. In fact, the WrestleMania XXIV was very, interesting and the rating was high. Attendance was huge too and people to attend still believe that it was the greatest fight.

Kurt V Shawn Michaels

Another classic match between two biggest WWE fighters. First, you should know that Kurt Angle just like Shaw Michaels was at the peak of form that time. Both wrestlers had great winning streak and fans were interested in this fight. WrestleMania XXI was one of the most interesting and addictive events that even happened in the history of Pro Wrestling.

Both fighters did their best, and the storyline was fascinating. That fight was full of drama and tears, and huge interest from fans. The stadium was packed with Hollywood stars, and US celebrities. As the people claim on a wrestling forum, WrestleMania XXI was the most significant show ever in the history of WWE.

Triple H V Undertaker

People were interested in WrestleMania XXVII because they knew about the scheduled fight between The Rock and John Cena. Instead of this great match, that event became famous because of another bloody battle. The game between Undertaker and Triple H was just beyond everyone’s imagination. The fight was in the cell ring, and both wrestlers fought as if it was their last one.


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