3 Things To Look For When You Buy A Kitten Collar

You’ve most likely seen collars on Dogs and puppies. So when someone tells you that cats need collars, you will probably wonder why for some time before you understand. A cat is a wild, independent creature with a penchant for running away.

That is the reason why kittens need collars. They are bundles of energy, always wanting to explore and test boundaries. And they do do that. From inspecting the house as soon as the cage door opens to their new home, to sniffing all the furniture and belongings, kittens will do it all. Their enthusiasm and curiosity, when added to their tiny, cuddly, and cute size, means that they are going to test the boundaries of your house, your bathroom, your bed, your sofa, and especially your yard. This is where a kitten collar comes in. A kitten collar identifies your cat so that when someone sees your kitten on the road, they’ll realize that the kitten has a loving home and parents who are worried sick about it and contact you. If they aren’t able to contact you, they may take it to the nearest vet’s office so the microchip can be scanned, and you can be contacted. Either way, it might end up saving your kitten’s life.

The best time to put the collar on the kitten is when you know it’s heavy enough to break the safety buckle. The average time is when the kitten is 2 months old, but in the end, make sure that you’ve weighed the kitten and ensured it can break that safety buckle. This is why kittens have specific collars from that of adult cats and that’s why you need to buy kitten collars for kittens – check out Cats Patrol for the best cat harnesses.

There are three things to look for when you are going to buy your kitten a collar:

Band size:

Find a collar that fits your kitten’s neck snugly. Too tight will result in the kitten feeling uncomfortable or, even worse, choke it. Too loose and it’ll fall off when the kitten plays with it. Buy an adjustable band so you can change it as and when the kitten grows up.

Kitten specific breakaway buckles:

This could be a life and death situation for the kitten, so make sure that the buckle is light enough for the kitten to break.

The bulk of the collar:

Don’t buy a bulky collar for the kitten. Your baby is small and light. Having a collar that’s bigger than the kitten won’t help.

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