3 Best Hoverboards Money Can Buy – Reviews

Hoverboards became very popular back in 2015. Keep in mind that, before a “hoverboard revolution,” we expected it to levitate in the air. Modern hoverboards are very simple and straightforward. They have two wheels (yet, we can’t avoid them) and can’t fly. When we say hoverboard, you probably remember a popular movie “back to the future.” One of the characters in the movie, McFly owns a hoverboard. That fictional board can levitate and fly anywhere you want. If you watch the movie again, you will see that board is popular among teenagers and kids.

Hoverboards can’t levitate

We can’t invent a special force to beat gravity easily. That’s why simple hoverboards can’t hover and have wheels for transportation. In fact, new hoverboards are self-balancing scooters, and term “hoverboard” was used by media. Today we want to share with you three best hoverboards you can buy on the market now.

Swagtron T1 – Cheap and fast self-balancing board

If you want to buy a fast hoverboard for a low price, SwagTron T1 model is the best option. T1 model has a very powerful deck and beautiful tires on wheels. Tires give a serious look to hoverboard and make it more mature. SwagTron T1 has the fastest charger too. You can charge your board in just 1 hour and use again. As we know, the T1 model can drive 10 KM without charging a battery. SagTron model can increase speed up to 15 KM per hour. T1 model, regarding price and quality, is the best hoverboard for kids.

Epikgo – Self Balancing board

Epikgo is another fastest hoverboard on the market right now. Epikgo has a very creative and smart team behind the scenes. As the company representatives say, their primary goal is to create fastest self-balancing scooter. EpikGo models are on the right track. Let’s discuss this model in details. Tires are as real as the company could produce. The design is very beautiful and attractive. The company offers Hoverboard in various colors and mostly they designers use warm colors. EpikGo has a powerful battery and charging system. As the field experts reveal, this hoverboard can go up to 20 KM without a charge. The company admitted that they used the most powerful battery to ensure the quality of the product. The smart computing system is placed between wheels. The system controls the balance of person and speed. As for price, EpikGo hoverboard is not cheap, but it’s worth it.

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